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Antique Productsin Four Corners area

Durango Antique Market has several types of products, from clothing to home décor, and our inventory varies based on what we’ve obtained for sale recently.

Home Décor

Find the perfect accent to add flare to your home. Just a few home décor items we have include statues, vases, throw pillows, framed photos, signage, silk flowers, and much more. From the bathroom to the kitchen or home office, we have one-of-a-kind items you won’t find anywhere else.


Of course, we have a wide variety of antique items that fall into the other categories or stand alone. Just a few antique items include porcelain dolls, out of print magazines, toys from previous decades, jewelry, hats, handbags, records, CDs, books, and discontinued products from every era.


Our Durango antique store also has a variety of jewelry, including turquoise, gemstones, diamonds, and other high end jewelry along with fashionable costume jewelry. We have necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, pins, bangles, and more to suit anyone’s style. You’ll find pieces that aren’t available in just any jewelry store. For a gift, for yourself, or just because, we have the item you’re looking for.

Western Items

If you’re a fan of the old western movies, Durango Antique Market has a variety of Western theme items, including boots, hats, belts, belt buckles, fringe vests, and more. We also have Western décor, furniture, and accessories. Step back in time with a piece of history or revive the cowboy culture with our modern, fun items for you and your home.


Our glassware includes glass bowls, cups, plates, serving trays, gravy boats, vases, pitchers, and more. We have clear glass, frosted glass, and colored glass, along with fine China. From modern designs to etched patterns that are decades old, our unique glassware pieces will be more interesting than anything you can purchase in a chain store.

Native American Items

Durango was and still is home to a large part of the Native American population. Durango Antique Market is proud of our city’s heritage. We have a large selection of Native American items, including arrowheads, dolls, moccasins, vests, jackets, fur items, rabbit’s feet, beads, belts, jewelry, and more.


Books never get old; they just become classics. Find that title you’ve always wanted to read for a great price or in a rare print edition or discover some new books to fill your reading list. We have a large section dedicated to books, hardcover and soft cover, of all genres, for both adults and kids.

Vintage Clothing

Go on your next errand or to an event with an outfit that will leave everyone wondering: where did you get that? Durango Antique Market has all sorts of vintage clothing for men and women, including suit jackets, button down shirts, jeans, dress pants, shoes, dresses, skirts, fur coats, t-shirts, and much more.


Durango Antique Market has a variety of purely collectible items, including statues, knick knacks, centerpieces, and paintings. Other collectibles include toys and items that are no longer available on the market, such as troll dolls, paper dolls, moon shoes, video game consoles, board games, and many other items that are hard or impossible to find in stores.


We also have furniture, including wood and upholstered pieces. Find your next wardrobe, dresser, vanity, desk, kitchen table, coffee table, couch, or chair. Our associates will help you load up big pieces or arrange delivery if necessary.

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